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Since 2007, we have been performing mobile wood and green waste grinding services to landfills, colored mulch manufacturers, soil manufacturers, pallet yards, demolition contractors, and tree orchards from California’s Bay Area to the Fresno and Tulare Valley. Byron Crushing & Grinding offers flexible and fair all-inclusive hourly pricing, and in some cases we can provide clients with a lump sum bid. We offer many site specific solutions, support equipment, and processed material options.

For more information about our service area and options, please contact us directly at (925)634-9663.

Mobile grinding


WE CAN MEET YOUR NEEDS. Whether we bring in our own equipment or collaborate with our industry partners, we can meet your site specific Inerts Processing needs. As a partner with you on any job site, Byron Crushing & Grinding will ensure your project receives our attention and focus from beginning to end.

For mobile crushing assistance at your job site, please call us directly at (925)634-9663.

Mobile Crushing


Mobile Screening and custom soil blending is available through contacting us at (925)634-9663 or at


Whether it’s screening rock, organics, or soils, Byron Crushing & Grinding Services offers a full line of screening solutions that we can incorporate into your crushing or grinding project, or as a stand-alone service.

Mobile Screening


BYRON CRUSHING AND GRINDING DELIVERS roll-off debris bins for construction and demolition, trash, concrete and asphalt, as well as wood and green waste. We have debris bins all over the Bay Area, serving contractors and residential customers with all of their debris recycling and disposal needs. We offer the same debris bins onsite at commerical landscape contractors' facilities for their green waste recycling. 

For delivery of C&D, concrete and asphalt, or green waste bins, please call us for more information at (925)634-9663.

Debris bins


Beginning July 4th 2017, Byron Crushing & Grinding Services is offering Free Mulch from our Byron Facility. This organic material is absolutely wonderful for gardening. Wood chips added to your soil decompose over time becoming a dark, organically-rich, mulch material. This mulch enriches your soil with nutrients, promotes more vibrant/thriving root systems, and helps to prevent erosion.


This gradual breakdown of woody material found in the wild is the natural cycle that provides nutrients to the forest. However, in the urban and sub-urban environment, we continually remove "leaf litter". By simply adding a generous layer of wood chip mulch to your garden, you'll reverse cycle of stripping of nutrients and instead, give back to your trees and plants, what they really need. While quantities last, sold as-is and where-is.

Please call our scale house directly at (925)634-9663.

Free Mulch


Deliveries of topsoil, compost, arbor fines, mulch and aggregates are available through contacting our scale house directly by phone or email.


Dumpster Rental
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